This nifty rug is a perfect example of why we should all be a BIT more grateful to be alive in 2020! This machine washable, zero slipping on hard wood floors, soft and OH so stylish rug is one of a kind.

It comes with two pieces:

1. a rug pad that has a grippy bottom so you never have to worry about it slipping on hardwood or laminate floors. (Note: it is slightly smaller than the rug and slips into its corners also- so it never shows!).

2. The top piece AKA the actual rug!

See my video of exactly how you should NOT assemble it below! (…seriously, don’t be a hero – just read the instructions woman 😂)

Feb. 14th, 2020

Update: it is now March 15th and we have officially been the proud owners of this rug for a full month! With two doggies who love to play in our soil and a grass covered dog park, 2 humans who very much forget to take off their shoes at the door and LOVE sitting on the floor/all over the living room to enjoy TV – my husband and I truly love this rug!

The Tea… it’s Spilt.

The Good: 

  • It’s hardly dirty and, for real, we REALLY have been bad about taking off our shoes whilst trekking from the front door to the backdoor of the patio behind me. So, bravo! 👏
  • No doggy hair has stuck to this rug! With this particular pattern I was concerned with our TWO black haired dogs who shed constantly, there was bound to be speckles of black hair all over the white checks… Nope! Nada!
  • I cannot get over that I am able to casually wash it without an issue and it feels like I have a new piece of furniture every time!
  • It DOES NOT SLIP!!! Not at all! And this is 2 dog, nightly zoomies tested with 100% rate of no slippage whatsoever.

The Meh: 

  • I wish it were cushier! I know that may seem silly but I love a good soft cloud-like feel while scooting to the couch.
  • It’s not super soft. OK OK, AGAIN, I KNOW; maybe this is not your first priority is selecting your new rug but to me, I wish it were more velvety!


  • The price point. I understand rugs are an investment and your paying for practicality i.e. it looks like an artisan genuinely expensive piece but you can toss it in the washer no prob., I get that. My frustration comes with this being such an inventive item that the market space is lacking any variety of items to compete with it. I.e. I don’t really have any other option than to save up $400 for a rug I’m able to wash as easily as my gym clothes. It’s just a principle thing, I guess..?..!?


Alright, I frickin’ LOVE this rug. I need to be completely real about that. I hereby grant Ruggable’s overall rating on the:

Yo You Literally Need to Buy This How Did You Even Live So Long Without It  scale, a :


AKA ::
👉🏼Go buy the one you’ve been eyeing like, NOW!

👉🏼You’re likely not going to regret it! (I dk- I hope you won’t but also like you could hate it I DON’T KNOW YOUR LIFE)

👉🏼The only thing is it IS kind of pricey but just like anything else you freaking had to save up for but WORTH EVERY PENNY. A Ruggable Rug is kind of like your first pair of Lululemon’s cropped Wunderunder leggings… if you know you know. THIS IS WORTH IT. AND VERY THOSE LEGGINGS BUT IF THEY WERE A RUG. Ya dig? 

There you have it, my very own pair of pennies.

Mull it over.

Talk it out.

If you’re on the market for a rug, for that favorite common space of yours or maybe just need a piece to brighten up your master bed, I encourage you to take a peak before leaping down that pricey market!

Shop Ruggable Here

Please feel free to share your own experience with Ruggable in the comments below.

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This month, I had quite the time trying out the Insta-Famous Pony-O hair tie!

My friend Kate slid into my DM’s one day requesting that I try this brand new device that seemed to quite literally reinvent the wheel, for long hair.

Given it’s relatively cheap price, for what it claims to do, I was intrigued. $19.95 for 2 “Pony-O” hair ties promised to give you a fuller and perkier pony all while preserving your locks and never giving them a crease.

I ordered the “Ginger” colored original tie and it definitely matched my hair well! 👇🏻


The learning curve for this little guy isn’t too steep, but it is definitely a different approach to putting your hair in a pony. The band is not stretchy, whatsoever. Instead of wrapping it multiple times around your hair to secure it, you flatten the moldable band and then bend the sides down to form a circle.


After a month of experimenting, here is what I found!

The Good:

  • It definitely did make my pony PERKY!
  • The learning process was easy!
  • It gave my pony a much more refined look; something about the width of the band, it matching my hair perfectly, all while giving me more volume, made me feel like I meant BUSINESS! This is in lieu of my somewhat sad, limp, pony that normally exists after a hard day at work. I actually wore this several times to work, and will continue to, because something about it says “I put just a little more effort into styling today!”
  • Definitely no headaches! Seemed to distribute the weight of my hair a little better than the average pony.


The Not-So-Good

  • My hair, by nature, is slippery, fine, and full. I do not know if it was because of the nature of my hair, or the hair tie itself. Though it gave me a fuller, perkier, effect initially, I found it sliding out of my hair after around 30 minutes of styling. This lead me to inevitably take it out because I got so frustrated. Literally, almost every time I wore it, except once… I was very intoxicated.
  • One day, I tried to do one of the suggested styles that comes with them! <see below>


  • The only issue is that, ow! After an hour in my hair, somehow, the band became tangled and was almost impossible to get out. Having that said, even though it hurt, it did look cute and I will probably try it again… regardless of it’s impact on my hair’s health. b/c that’s who I am. #fashion.
  • The price. I know, I know. I said it was a bargain before but with it constantly slipping out of my hair, not living up to the hype to give me a secure pony, and leaving it with a crease every time, $19.95 plus shipping is a lot.
  • Last but not least, it was somewhat easy for me to slide my hair through, but, lets be honest; a person with fine, straight, full hair is not necessarily the one looking for an alternative to hold their mane. If you have coarse, thick, even thin, or curly hair, I really do not know how you would slip it through the grippy and un-stretchy texture of the tie.



glamorgrit’s rating for the Pony-O:

⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 ⭐️’s

 To give you some context, 3 stars means I feel indifferent about this little guy.

I don’t really know what to think. It didn’t personally offend me but if I lost it in a wind storm, life would go on. Having that said, for me, I feel I could commit to this contraption for a solid 2 days out of the month but the other 28, or 29 depending, I need something that is going to keep my hair intact. Though the hype is huge and I really wanted to love it, something in my heart kept saying, “where the f*ck is a rubber band” that could really keep my pony in place.

I hope this helps you on the quest for the perfect mop tamer, but unfortunately for me, it doesn’t stop here.

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