In a time, when values have shifted from permanent investments to temporary life decisions i.e. renting your dress, purse, house, and even phones, I have been a huge skeptic of this “pop-up” store craze.

I was even MORE skeptical of this brand, Glossier, which had been circulating my Instagram for the past year. Any advertisement that portrays an Emily Rajajkowski look-alike teaching me how effortless this eye brow enhancer can make me look like said, Emily dopple-ganger, count me OUT. Lets be real, no amount of mascara or “Boy Brow” will give me that a**; just over here being honest and incredibly insecure. I digress.

When I heard they were coming to Chicago, for a limited amount of time, I thought “oh great. another opportunity for me to either be debilitated with FOMO, shamelessly scrolling and secretly envying all of the swag, OR, a chance for me to wait in a very long line while possibly having a panic attack in the midst of buying lipgloss because everything has Coconut and why the f*ck AM I HERE?”. 😬 Ranting again…

I had two girlfriends visit me in Chi this weekend and they are some of the most courageous and hilarious people I know. When I mentioned it was here, they were immediately in and half-way through ordering the Uber. I was nervous but followed suite. We saw the line and I said, “You guys! This is crazy. Lets go get mani-pedi’s and maybe circle back? Or not? ha? ha?” “Yeah, no, lets get in line!”. Okey doke, there I was, about to enter this world of blush pink that I was conflicted between excited and creeped out by the fact NONE of the workers seemed to have any make-up on and were all glowing like angels!

It was our turn in line and my stomach began to flutter. I was EXTREMELY excited by this point because even though the line was almost the entire length of the alley it was down, we only stood there for 15 minutes! Just long enough for me investigate each product I was interested in for any traces of coconut! Guess what, only ONE of them I wasn’t able to buy! GIVE ME THAT KOOL-AID! MAMA. IS. THIRSTY.

Upon entering, it was a little crowded because of the narrow space, however, they only let in a certain amount of people which creates a fun, functional, non-stressful atmosphere!

Women, girls, toddlers (not really but omg have you seen 16 years old lately?! As Hillary would say, EX-SQUEEZE ME?! Ranting. Got it.) were all swirling the shop enhancing their skin, brows, lips, and cuticles with these products of trend and ease. I nervously approached the counter for the Zit Stick and nervously yet failing to cover my enthusiasm, I chuckled at the salesgirl saying, “I have adult acne!”. She smiled and said, “ME TOO” pointing to the blemish on her chin. She stated this device, with the cool, metal-ball roller will shrink your zit in hours and before she could finish and pulled out my credit card.

The cool thing about this store is that you get to try, EVERYTHING, you have seen advertised online. At the end, each of the cuties of the pink jumpsuits will check you out with their iPads, you wait for your order to be made (about 3 minutes) and they give you your bag, and you’re off!

I had SUCH a blast, and even booped my pink jump suite soul mate, Gabriella. I HIGHLY recommend checking out this store if you know of their brand or are looking for make-up that is highly effectively, minimally hurtful, simple and trust worthy.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’s for YOU, Glossier Pop-Up!

We had a blast, and know you will too, regardless if you have the courage on your own or some crazy friends that’ll drag you there, quietly, against your will.

And yes, I bought the “Boy Brow”.

To ‘grammers and general shoppers alike, the Bagnet is a product on the market that has them all scratching their chins. This is a device that has been designed to easily attach to your favorite purse [via a spring clasp] preferably one you do not want to set on the floor, and magnetically adhere to any metal surface while holding up your bag thus keeping it clean.

Here is the video that sold me!

“Does this magnet actually work?”

“There is no way it can hold MY purse!”

These are just a few comments I received from friends after ordering said bag holding magnet.

I am here to tell you this product, is gold, baby. Solid. Gold.

The moment I was sold: my purse contained 2 outfits, a full liter of water inside a metal container, keys, wallet, and A BOTTLE OF WINE. My husband and I were out to dinner and this baby was packed to the brim. Refusing to ask for a third chair and have Louis be, once again, third wheeling date night, I cautiously reached under the wooden table and found it was indeed being held up by a metal stand.

I grabbed the Bagnet, and AH-HA, my moment of truth. It firmly clasped to the tables base and DID NOT BUDGE!

I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to shout in the middle of the restaurant… scream it from the roof tops! Instead, I settled for a small dance of victory in my seat while my husband watched in confusion.

I have used this device every time I bring my purse outside of the house! In fact, I am so obsessed I bought another for my work bag.

If you’re anything like me and wondering, how much weight this baby can hold? Taken directly from their website, here is the answer:

The weight Bagnet holds depends on the object you’re hanging it on. For instance, if you were to try it on your refrigerator it would hold very little weight – just a pound or two (or not at all if it’s stainless steel). If you use it on commercial grade metal such as bar stools, table bases, restaurant chairs, etc, it holds anywhere from 8 to 10 pounds. It also depends on if the metal is flat or curved, textured or smooth. This is why we recommend trying it for yourself in multiple environments and situations.

Available in so many chic adorable color combos. they also have mini Bagnets , kids styles, luxury, and a special sport design without any leather.

I currently have: the Sophie and the Katie and love them both equally.

For under $25.00 a pop, I cannot believe what a game changer the Bagnet is! If you’re looking for an awesome gift for a loved one, or maybe for you, I HIGHLY recommend this product!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hands down, this is my favorite product I have tried, yet.


Hi sexy!

HAHA I mean HEY! Too soon for sexy, right? Anywho.

The pictures above are from December 5th, 2017. Exactly one month ago (yesterday!).I struggle with cystic acne and the first set of pictures, I am here to tell you my face literally hurt. All the time. It was inflamed and I was so self-conscious going anywhere without any type of make up on. What you are about to see, are pictures from precisely 30 days afterwards, and how my skin has improved.


For someone with porcelain skin, maybe it’s not perfect, but for me, it’s a drastic improvement. Curology is a 5 ⭐️ product all of the way through. It’s a subscription that appoints you a personal PA that is a specialist in Dermatology. If you are anything like me and hate leaving the house (not all of the time but just a lot of the time, because I’m a lazy American, OKAY) then going to the Dermatologist in your free time sounds like something close to a nightmare. This service is wonderful for a couple of different reasons:

  1. You don’t need to leave the house to buy it.
  2. Your first month is $5.00.
  3. Your subsequent months are $25.00 for the unique solution that they’ll change depending on how your skin is responding.
  5. Your PA is available 100% of the time for you to talk with, send pictures to, and adjust your treatment with.
  6. The community is amazing. Check out Curology’s website to be flooded with support and people just like you, who are struggling, and winning their battle with acne.

I love this product so much. My PA has told me that it takes a little longer than a month to work but my FACE DOESN’T HURT. And that my friends, is priceless.



Apple Watch Series 3


Apple Watch  series 3. It is seriously one of my favorite purchases in 2017. It has come in handy (get it) wether I am: asking Siri to remind me to call Wil at 3 p.m. and she’ll send me a friendly buzz then or if I don’t want my phone on me at work and am still able to see my mom’s text on my wrist. It has automatic replies like “Thank you!” , “Yeah!”, or “I’ll call you later” that you’re easily able to press on your wrist and send instead of getting out your phone, appearing like you’re not listening to the person in front of you and typing out a response. It’s water resistant (I’ve showered with it on multiple times) and reminds you to breathe with their meditating app. on it periodically throughout the day where it leads you through an easy meditation that can last anywhere from a minute to a half hour. This silly watch has improved my life for the better and is the ultimate gift for a special person in your life.

SoulCycle Package

 Soulcycle is a new concept to me as of last year and I am officially hooked. It is an experience like no other if you have someone in your life that is into a high energy, reflective, and rhythmic workout. I highly recommend looking into them if you’ve never tried with your pal for a holiday get together or calorie burning session pre or post indulging! If your guy or girl already has a package, buy them some more sessions! Their app. is so easy to download and classes are a breeze to buy!


This is a picture of me in Tokyo; a trip I was able to take mid wedding planning because of DealRay  an app. and subscription service that alerts you about the cheapest trips from your major city airport! They only alert you about roundtrip cheap costs and they are normally all non-stop! We flew to Beijing for under $500.00 round trip direct flight from Chicago. This is a great service to either gift your boo or yourself to take them on the trip of their dreams. There are some awesome deals going on right now, so if you have prospects to travel with someone special in your future I recommend subscribing to their e-mail service for free or their texts for $10.00 a month that will alert you about the best trips!






FabFitFun is a partnership I have, meaning, if you use my link I may get perks from their company. If you use the code SANTABABY you will get $10.00 off your purchase and that I do not receive any benefit from! Having that said, I became an affiliate with them for a VERY good reason, I am OBSESSED with their company and all of their products. They have an awesome mission and all of the products they send are from legitimately good companies that are giving back in the world. I have been receiving their monthly packages for over a year now and my husband just gifted me and I actually screamed because I was so excited. Their yearly package is, in my opinion the best, and for only $176.00 not only are you giving your girl a year full of presents that will remind her you’re the best around but she’ll also be guaranteed obsessed with them, and you, for 365 days AT LEAST. I freaking love them and if you want to know how much, read my last post, FabFitFun Reviewed

Teami Detox 

I know, I know, I’ve wrote about Teami a lot. Hear me out, they have and continue to help me so much with my health that I think anyone in your life whether they’re trying to lose weight, be healthier, or may benefit from their detox in anyway needs to have this! Read: Teami…Friend or Foe for my whole experience! Still obsessed and that says something. Click here to buy!


HelloFresh is a kick I tried for 6 months this year and it not only gave me confidence in the kitchen but made me look like a serious boss to my husband! I am not one that is comfortable in the kitchen literally even trying to make eggs but their simple meal plans and affordable price made me actually like cooking! And eating, what I made, in fact! I seriously enjoyed every single thing I made not to mention made some BOMB instastories. Book a class on Dabble in your city to try a fun fencing class like this one or something new! I took this with my friend Alli (arguably against her will) and we not only worked up a sweat through a seemingly dangerous but hilarious and very safe activity but we both decided we wouldn’t be doing this professionally anytime soon (hey, you never know until you try). We have also taken a calligraphy class that was a blast and are planning for more in the future, but it would be a seriously fun present to gift someone you want to spend more time with and to try something fun and new together!

Ritual Vitamins

Ritual Vitamins are a sustainable new vitamin to the market that have reinvigorated the supplement game. They are vitamins that have been mindfully created by a woman who was sick of not knowing exactly what she was buying with the other daily vitamins on the market and have created these with only the things we are proven to need. They have mens and women’s, where it is only $30.00 a month for a small but crucial step in maintaining your health. I have been taking them for a year now and I love them. I am someone with a slightly more delicate immune system and this year I have been noticeably less sick, more active, and healthier than I have been before.


Having tried StitchFix before I was not sure what to expect with LeTote. They are a clothing rental service meaning, much like Rent the Runway, they send you clothes that are specific to your measurement and style that have been previously worn with the caveat of if you like what you were sent, you can keep and buy for a substantially cheaper price. If you don’t buy it however, you get to wear the clothes for a solid month (like seriously, wear it!) and send it back! I am obsessed with LeTote and it makes being trendy in ever changing season styles affordable and ADORABLE (see what I did there). Check them out for yourself if you’re in need of some winter clothes or gift them to your bestie to try for free for a month or two! 1. Everyone loves mail. 2. Everyone loves looking hot. It’s a win win!

Herschel Backpack 

Having thought previously that Herschel Backpacks were only for boys, I decided to buy one of my own after shoving literally every toiletry that I had in my husbands during our honeymoon. They have some seriously cute styles and are perfect for the gal or guy in your life. They can hold my entire world whether it be their separate compartment for my laptop or multiple curling irons, a full can of hairspray, any of my 2,000 facial products or 30 binders that I carry around with me for no reason.

Enso Rings


Enso Rings are a product that are heavily marketed on Instagram and Facebook that I decided would be a good thing to have to wear instead of my rings during work and my workouts. If you don’t have a job that allows you to wear jewelry for risk of damaging it or don’t want to get your ring dirty during your sweaty workout or caught on things while sleeping for that matter, Enso is for you. I LOVE my silicon band and it allows me to wash my face, clean my house or my patient freely without fear of getting it dirty or chipping a stone. They’re cheap and a great gift for your hubby or wife, or friend who you think would love their styles!

Bling Brush


The Bling Brush from Baublerella may just be my most beloved present to myself this year. It’s one of the most essential things I have in my purse and I am constantly using it to clean my ring. It makes me so sad to look down and have cloudy ring or piece of jewelry then have to privately whisper to it after a glass of wine “I promise I’ll take better care of you”. This little guy is $18.00 and completely safe for your gems. I love it, I clean all of my friends rings with it, it’s a must have for yourself or the best little stocking stuffer around.


Thanks for reading and listening to my completely biased insight as to what I think you should get your loved ones this year; I hope this helps you find a great gift for them or yourself! Also, thank you to every person that submitted one of these suggestions, they have seriously changed my life for the better.