⭐️GLAMORGIFT 🎁 Guide 2018⭐️

⭐️ Happy Holidays! ⭐️

If you are anything like me, finding the perfect gift for loved ones both excites you and requires multiple antacids. Present shopping can be insanely stressful, so I did the work for you! Whether you’re on a budget or just plain stumped, look below to find some inspiration for everyone in your life!

Happy shopping, gifting, and saving. The only three-some I want to be apart of.


Top 10 gifts for someone you REALLY love

(or platonically like a lot).

These are my hand picked presents for everyone in your life this holiday season!

10. for the lush: A wine club membership! 🍇


I love this gift so much because unless you have money to deliberately flush down the toilet, buying *good* wine for yourself normally is pretty low on the priority list.

Whether you give $20, $50, or $100 — the best voted wine club to join per Business Insider, is Winc. 👈🏻 Order here!

They send your loved one FOUR bottles of wine, based off of their preferences found in the simple survey you take in the beginning. Your first order is $20 off, making it usually around $34 for the first month! They can continue their membership or cancel after the first box, the power is in their hands!

9. for the neat-freak: A Roomba! 🎁


I have talked about this a lot in my posts on Instagram but this iRobot has seriously improved my life. Allow your loved one to come home daily to a clean house — all controlled by an app. on their phone. Though the brand name comes with a price tag, I can confidently say, it is worth every penny. Allergy sufferers, pet owners, neat freaks alike — your pal is bound to smile every time they come home.

This is a slightly older iRoboto 690 Model that has awesome reviews and promises to deliver.

Here is the iRobot 960 Model my husband and I bought in 2016, still working daily to clean up after our hairy dogs and all of our messes! Scheduled to clean everyday at noon, we love our boy “Jeeves”. Yes, we named him. It’s also a him.

8. for the music and movie lover: Over-the-Ear, Noise Cancelling, Beats Headphones


Both, Wil and I own these, and cannot say enough good things.

I originally bought mine for our first super long plane trip to Asia, to help with my fear of flying! This was one of the absolute best purchases I have ever made for myself. They are collapsable and only require a small amount of time to deliver hours of music. Wireless, stylish, and the quality of the acoustics is incredibly clear. Trust me, you cannot lose giving these as a gift!

*We both love the ear phone size that completely envelopes your ears, but I do not recommend working out in them (turns out they don’t love water and make your head super hot while running!).

Shop here! 

7. for the ones who never buy anything for themselves: FabFitFun Box!


Either Annual Membership ($179.99) or one seasonal box alone ($49.99); which ever one you choose is a serious win, win, win!

This is my absolute favorite gift for a beloved woman in your life. It is honestly the gift that keeps on giving, exposing them to the hottest full sized products of the season.

With products equalling over $200 in value PER BOX, I have found every single one useful! For the Annual subscription, you get 1 box every season– equalling 4 every year! They contain hand selected items that are not only from reputable companies, but they are usually all products who’s proceeds go towards the greater good.

Gift or buy yours here!

6. for the fashion lover, bag-lover: The Bagnet!


This exceptional gadget was developed by a woman who was plain tired of resting her expensive bag on the dirty floor of a bathroom stall or it taking up an entire chair at dinner! She since patented this little magnet, which can hold up to 8-10 pounds depending on the metal surface you connect it to, and it has changed my life.

At dinners now, Mr. Louis Vuitton goes right under the table, magnetically connecting to the tables stand! In the dirty bar bathroom, those handles are no longer being gripped by my teeth! I’ve had this bag held up by the Bagnet alone whilst containing 3 FULL BOTTLES OF WINE, PEOPLE. I am so obsessed with this product for so many reasons, but to list a couple:

  • -The stylish magnet comes in so many varieties of colors, textures, and metals, all to match your beloved bag! Pictured above is the “Katie“.
  • -The price is so reasonable! Starting at $18.49!

This is a seriously awesome gift for kids (they have fun plastic ones for backpacks, etc.!)

Shop for your favorite style here!

5. for the rising photog: The Instax Mini8 Polaroid Camera


Whether your child is starting to love taking pictures or you have someone in your life who loves capturing memories — this is an awesome present that can document it all. With multiple simple settings that help set the “mood” of the picture, this device is SO easy to load up with film, point and shoot. It’s battery powered and comes in so many different colors.

Shop them here (this price includes film), and even get them a stylish case if you’re feeling fancy! 

4. for the adventure seeker: A Helicopter ride around your city!


Wil and I did this in 2015 and it still, is one of our most cherished memories together. During Christmas, we actually do not give each other presents, we give memories! There are so many awesome experiences available through Groupon — check to see what’s available in your city and I swear to you, this is a gift you will never regret.

Chicago tours right now are $249.00! We did the night, skyline tour and it was awe inspiring, for real. 

3. for the comedian or entertainer: 

What Do You Meme?

This silly game has seriously got me HOOKED. Brought to us by the makers of “Cards Against Humanity” this card game is naughty, hilarious, and my go-to while hosting parties! It will have you in stitches for sure, and is perfect for your brother, girlfriend or wacky aunt that all share a somewhat obscure sense of humor.

Shop here!

2. for the practical one: 

A personalized Mug!

I know this is so silly, but it’s under $15 and seriously my go-to gift for a special person in my life. It’s small yet thoughtful, and something that will last forever. Whether you make it a tumbler or a classic cup, your favorite coffee or coco drinker is sure to be surprised.

Shop my favorite one here!

1. for literally, everyone else: 

The Gravity Blanket!


My number one choice for a holiday gift this season is appropriate for anyone who sleeps. My husband got me this for my birthday a month ago and we both agree, we haven’t slept this well, in what feels like, YEARS! The weight of the blanket soothes anxiety or restless nature, and within minutes you are bound to be counting sheep. It’s heavy yet breathable enough that you won’t wake up in a sweat. I cannot rave enough about this wonderful item!

There are so many brands on the market, yet, the one we own is by far my favorite that I’ve tried.

Shop it here!

I hope this helped make your holiday shopping a little easier! Any of these gifts are promised to please.

Enjoy your holidays and don’t forget what really matters most: the headphones will send a clear message to any family members you’re avoiding that you are in no place to chat about the trendy diet they’ve been on that is consequentially giving them gas.

Love u!


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