The Pony-O Reviewed! ⭐️



This month, I had quite the time trying out the Insta-Famous Pony-O hair tie!

My friend Kate slid into my DM’s one day requesting that I try this brand new device that seemed to quite literally reinvent the wheel, for long hair.

Given it’s relatively cheap price, for what it claims to do, I was intrigued. $19.95 for 2 “Pony-O” hair ties promised to give you a fuller and perkier pony all while preserving your locks and never giving them a crease.

I ordered the “Ginger” colored original tie and it definitely matched my hair well! 👇🏻


The learning curve for this little guy isn’t too steep, but it is definitely a different approach to putting your hair in a pony. The band is not stretchy, whatsoever. Instead of wrapping it multiple times around your hair to secure it, you flatten the moldable band and then bend the sides down to form a circle.

After a month of experimenting, here is what I found!

The Good:

  • It definitely did make my pony PERKY!
  • The learning process was easy!
  • It gave my pony a much more refined look; something about the width of the band, it matching my hair perfectly, all while giving me more volume, made me feel like I meant BUSINESS! This is in lieu of my somewhat sad, limp, pony that normally exists after a hard day at work. I actually wore this several times to work, and will continue to, because something about it says “I put just a little more effort into styling today!”
  • Definitely no headaches! Seemed to distribute the weight of my hair a little better than the average pony.


The Not-So-Good

  • My hair, by nature, is slippery, fine, and full. I do not know if it was because of the nature of my hair, or the hair tie itself. Though it gave me a fuller, perkier, effect initially, I found it sliding out of my hair after around 30 minutes of styling. This lead me to inevitably take it out because I got so frustrated. Literally, almost every time I wore it, except once… I was very intoxicated.
  • One day, I tried to do one of the suggested styles that comes with them! <see below>


  • The only issue is that, ow! After an hour in my hair, somehow, the band became tangled and was almost impossible to get out. Having that said, even though it hurt, it did look cute and I will probably try it again… regardless of it’s impact on my hair’s health. b/c that’s who I am. #fashion.
  • The price. I know, I know. I said it was a bargain before but with it constantly slipping out of my hair, not living up to the hype to give me a secure pony, and leaving it with a crease every time, $19.95 plus shipping is a lot.
  • Last but not least, it was somewhat easy for me to slide my hair through, but, lets be honest; a person with fine, straight, full hair is not necessarily the one looking for an alternative to hold their mane. If you have coarse, thick, even thin, or curly hair, I really do not know how you would slip it through the grippy and un-stretchy texture of the tie.


glamorgrit’s rating for the Pony-O:

⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 ⭐️’s

 To give you some context, 3 stars means I feel indifferent about this little guy.

I don’t really know what to think. It didn’t personally offend me but if I lost it in a wind storm, life would go on. Having that said, for me, I feel I could commit to this contraption for a solid 2 days out of the month but the other 28, or 29 depending, I need something that is going to keep my hair intact. Though the hype is huge and I really wanted to love it, something in my heart kept saying, “where the f*ck is a rubber band” that could really keep my pony in place.

I hope this helps you on the quest for the perfect mop tamer, but unfortunately for me, it doesn’t stop here.

Thank you for stopping by!






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8 thoughts on “The Pony-O Reviewed! ⭐️

  1. Thanks for the review! As a fellow fine, silky haired gal, I was wondering if this was worth the purchase. Darn! I was hoping it would be! I just bought super cute hats on Amazon that you pull a high pony through the top. Still on my quest for the perfect perky pony if you have suggestions!Thanks again doll!

    1. These pony o’s do not work well. They give you a poofy look for a very short period of time before they start sliding down. I would DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMEND buying these. On top of it all…. I also was promised a free pony o… and the owner never ever sent one. Very disappointing… especially since the owner /creator tells you something, and DOES NOT stand behind her promise.
      In my opinion, I would not buy these. I recommend to go to your local store and buy the original elastic hair bands.

  2. Thank you for your honest review!

    I personally have tried it and wanted so much to love it because they advertised that it doesn’t fall out during working out/running. This is the main reason I bought it. I was tired of retying my hair over and over throughout my exercise routine. Unfortunately for me, it fell out immediately after doing just one burpee. Such a disappointment. I followed the directions and watched many videos to make sure I was using it correctly. I think it just does not work for my hair type: Super thick and straight hair.

  3. I am really glad that I did not read your review prior to purchasing my own PonyO. I bought one with bling initially. I wore it a couple times and liked that it did not feel like it was slipping at all. So I decided to wear it for my next volleyball match. Oh my gosh! 3 hours of jumping/diving and running and my ponytail was exactly as it was before I left the house. This is the only way I will wear my hair for volleyball now. I love it so much that I bought 4 more.

  4. Unfortunately I saw this too late. I had already bought it and I’m super disappointed! it was so expensive and then as that I used “the most” already has a tear from so much bending.

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