Personal Files: How to Avoid Wedding Season Burn Out! 🎊

Once upon a time, 3 years ago, this gentlemen and I had the incredible opportunity of being invited to 13 weddings in ONE summer!

Though we only made it to 11 (there are only so many weekends in a summer, people!) it was a combination of joy, insanity, and extreme fatigue.

Now, having been through a wedding of our own, there are SO many things we learned and now know how to: escape wedding season burn out!

Here is a list of the best tips I learned on how to: save money, preserve your sanity and also, possibly, your own relationship.

Tip #1: THREE WORDS. RENT THE RUNWAY. that entire summer I invested in TWO staple dresses and the rest, I somehow managed to not break the bank AND avoid any fashion faux pas’s by this amazing site. They send you two sizes, they are always on time, and just trust me when I say, the more expensive dresses on that site are not necessarily better. They normally send the dresses within one or two days of your event, but as I have used this for many years now, I have NEVER experienced a late delivery or any disappointment with my rentals. Just because you’re attending someone else’s big day, doesn’t mean you can’t use this time as an excuse to try new crazy styles, without fear of them congesting your closet forever!

Tip #2: Buy wedding cards in bulk, baby.

Plain and simple… buy some bulk adorable cards, fill them out IMMEDIATELY, after you buy them, regardless of how far off the wedding is. One of the more stressful moments during a big event is realizing you don’t have a card or shooting your self in the foot by not filling them out in time and scrambling for words at the last minute. My rule of thumb is, if I know I’m attending or not, my amigos get a card, no excuses. People love great cards, and it literally takes 2 minutes to fill out! Be proactive now, feel empowered and on top of your sh*t later.

Here are some of my favorites!

Rifle Paper Champagne “Cheers!”

Rifle Paper “Just Married”

Cute Card Organizer!


If you have a date for the wedding, especially if it’s a friend or loved one (if it’s someone else, I could see this being useful too, no judgement, people) you need to download this app. Between buying wedding gifts, prices for gas, snacks, cash bar, or what have you, this sneaky app. splits up all of your costs evenly while connecting to your multiple payment options (Venmo, Cash, Etc.) and at the end of your trip divvies up who owes what, and allows you to send it right then and there through your app. of choice! It’s a life saver and it’s 2018 so please, throw away that pen and paper (and TEXAS Instruments calculator, Jesus).

Tip #4: Share your Google Calendar with your date!

If you have a whole bunch of events coming up, with all of the details to remember, it’s important to stay on the same page as your partner/guest to avoid mucho confusion and frustration.

Tip #5: Book a dry bar appointment for either the morning of the big day or the night before!

With blow out bars being huge in the US right now, make it a point to treat yourself immediately before the event if you’re able, to elevate your mood and have confidence knowing you’re putting your best foot forward for (someone else’s) big day!


Since prom in high school, I always make it a habit to bring a few Crest white strips with me before big events (weddings or not!). Not only does it make you feel super confident smiling and enjoying every moment of the day, but it makes you feel a litttle bit better about drinking that Cabernet and Espresso throughout the night! Again, best foot forward = beautiful pictures despite how exhausted you may feel!

Tip #7: Spirunlina and Chlorella = Never have a hangover again!

Late nights, bites, dancing, and shots… you are bound to wake up the next day tempted to down that entire bottle of Advil. First of all, DO NOT. Second of all, let me introduce you to the mighty powers of Organic Burst. Four tablets of their incredible Chlorella (increases oxygen and vitality of your cells and improves overall organ function) and now I take another four, of their Spirulina! Spirulina helps curbs cravings, increases focus, and aids in energy levels! I swear by these homeopathic regimens, start taking them daily now and see what magic happens for you!

Tip #8: Buy a gallon of water (if you’re driving) and bring an old school water bottle!

Instead of waking up, drinking the tap or worse… drinking the hotel’s $3.00 Evian *gasp* do you and your honey a favor by grabbing a gallon of delicious filtered water at the gas station or whatever, to keep hydrated all weekend without spending an absurd amount on fluids! Extra points: grab snacks and Alcohol in bulk from Costco or Aldi instead of going to the bars to pregame or eat, to throw an old school hotel party before the reception (or after! If that’s your bag, baby).

I hope these tips help you as much as they’ve helped us from putting an end to smoking credit cards and major headaches (literally and figuratively). Remember *by putting your best foot forward and taking care of YOU first, doesn’t make you selfish, it makes you fully able to enjoy you loved ones biggest day of their life and support them, by both of you living to your greatest potential. ♥️

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