Personal Files: Taking Back Your Life.


Hi y’all!

Is it just me or do you feel like most bloggers are from the South? Any who… this is a subject I’ve been trying to put into words for awhile.

The past year, as I’m sure you can tell by my previous “getting married is miserable” post, has been very hard. 2017 was tough for me. Feelings of constantly falling short and being inadequate were overwhelming and made me feel, helpless. But guess what MF? It’s MARCH 2018!

I am FINALLY getting my life back. I am taking back my power. As I am reflecting on last year, and even the one before it, there were very heavy times of misery that I couldn’t seem to shake. I want to know why and how to make sure that never happens again. Recently I’ve landed on the conclusion that those terrible times, I blamed the world for my problems. I was incapable of being happy because “work is hard”, “wedding planning is terrible”, “I’m too tired”, etc. wrong! For whatever reason, my paradigm had shifted to only see the negative, sad, dark parts of my days instead of celebrating the little and big victories I was constantly winning.

Being happy is not hard. I’ve always known this but for some reason, when you’re constantly getting down on yourself and always reacting to situations, it seems effing impossible.

Everyday, I have been waking up with the mantra of “what would today be like if I gave myself consent to be 100% who I am instead of who the world wants me to be?”. This question alone, makes me feel happier, freer, and so much less stressed. I am remembering I CHOSE this life. Deliberately. Carefully. And intentionally.

From this day forward, I choose to live each day of my life with intention. I will lead with my heart and mindfully choose the values that give my life meaning.

If you are ever in a tough spot, know that it will pass. Even if there is some asshole smiling next to you acting like their life is perfect, it’s not, they just chose to wear a different face. Just like you have the choice to think different thoughts.

Thanks for reading!



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One thought on “Personal Files: Taking Back Your Life.

  1. Right on! Hey, to add to that, I’ve found that making the right decision, even small ones, makes me happy. Got to give yourself an attaboy when deserved…it builds you up.

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