The Shower Cap Reinvented. ⭐️


It’s a ghost! JK. It’s me. How are you? Anyway, I got a new request to try a brand new type of shower cap and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t crazy excited. Their mission is so beautiful and recently I’ve been purging harmful plastic products I keep around the house. Waterbottles, my beloved Teami mugs, anything that may contain BPH or other crazy fake estrogen things. It never occurred to me that my shower cap is also, one of those things.

I will be using it for the next month and can’t wait to tell you about all of the ways it’s benefitted me! I’ve also been oil training my hair to make it less greasy so this baby plays well into that role. I’ve been washing my hair only three days a week and I’ve got A LOT of hair so I promise to write more about oil training soon!

Stay tuned. Stay gritty. 🤗