Adult Acne: An Unsolved Mystery ⭐️


I’m ’bout to get real, real regarding my terrible skin. I am a natural red head, mainly Scottish decent, cursed with some terribly sensitive and congested skin since the age of 23. Despite my freckles in my teens my skin has been pretty great until my early adult age… which was no problem considering being twenty something post-undergrad. Is the most glamorous and secure time of your life as it is. NO IT IS NOT.

I have literally tried it all. Antibiotics, birth control, changing birth control, ketogenic diet, anti-inflammatory diet, vegetarian diet, vegan, gluten-free diet, you name it–I’ve done it and it’s only intensified my raging cystic friends.

One thing I have NOT tried, however, is Curology. A product strongly advertised on Instagram and Facebook. They give you a personalized physician to evaluate and prescribed your unique formula to treat your skin. As much as I’ve enjoyed trying different things for my skin without success and flushing my money down the toilet on expensive facials I decided it’s time to get serious and this only thing that sounds like it works. With the first month being free, I’ve really got nothing to lose other than these jerks on my face.

I’m excited to try this for a month and post my results, here is my before picture to give you some perspective for what we’re dealing with!

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