Teami… Friend or Foe? ⭐️

162954f5-6ca0-4fe6-bfc4-756a411feeeaimg_4124fullsizeoutput_345Long story short…

I rate Teami Blends ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️/⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

*If you have a queasy stomach please do not read the second or third paragraph.*

They are a brand that delivers. Literally and figuratively. Teami Blends, to be honest, is what launched me into @glamorgrit on Instagram. I saw a celebrity promoting it and I was like “Absolutely not. She is endorsed and making thousands from people subscribing to this, and wow, she looks great”. A few minutes later, yes, I used her promotional code and got 10% off of my purchase and bought my first tea-tox.

With the seductive advertisements that the skinny tea had been promoting circa January 2017, I fell victim but was also very skeptical of this whole “drink tea and be skinny” business. Three days later I was fully stocked and ready to rock this Teami Blend bandwagon. Within the first 4 days of the 30 day program, I felt the “inflammation” (AKA raw cookie dough I had been eating fists full of) start to decrease. I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome Type 2 (IBS) (ALL THE LADIES IN THE BACK SAY “HAY”. Oh. You don’t have it? Me either.) (Yes I do.) (What?) which is the kind where you become constipated vs. cannot stop Jason waterfalls. Whenever I am slightly stressed or in a new place (my high-rise lobby, for example) my entire digestive system seems to paralyze itself and shut-down. This year I traveled to Beijing- China, Tokyo- Japan, the entire country of Ireland, two impromptu trips to Colorado, NYC multiple times, Hong Kong, followed by a more than long week in the Maldive Islands off the coast of India. As you can imagine, if a bathroom located literally in the same building as my home flares up my IBS, these trips would have been enough for a person to go into sepsis.

I, however, did not, go into sepsis. I did the 30 day Teami Blends detox with a month in between doing the 3- month detox program. The biggest thing that the 30 day detox did for me was regulate my bowels. I know this sounds like a moot point but hear me out.     As a nurse (my favorite phrase, just so you know I’ll be using it a lot), the pathophysiology behind the program is what stood out to me. The science behind their “Skinny Tea” and “Colon Tea” detox are, that over the years of your life, regardless of your health, stool and bacteria that have accumulated in your intestines leaving a coating, if you will, inside the areas that are needed to properly absorb nutrients. This is similar to the effects that the warm water and their proprietary tea blend has on your kidneys and liver with the toxins that have just been sitting there taunting you for years, not allowing you to lose weight. Even being in your 20’s, in order to stimulate your metabolism and give your body a fair chance before even working out or changing your diet, you’re going no where fast if your body’s still focussed on plaguing itself of all of the junk that has accumulated over the years. This program has not only completely reinvigorated my metabolism but has left me with a sustained energy that coffee can never compare to.Their “Skinny Tea” has oolong in it which is a caffeine like substance that goes through your liver instead of your kidneys and because of that you have more energy all day! *Graphic description alert* The difference here is with other caffeine being filtered through your kidneys, you urinate out. With oolong going through your liver, in order to eliminate it, you have to poop it out. It makes sense that it lasts longer (all day for me) though, right? How many times do you #1 vs #2 a day? #2’s are a lot harder to come by (especially in my case!)

I saw the best results with their 90 day detox program. At first glance, I thought it was just a way to sell me more tea and for them to make more $. Needless to say, after the first 30 days I was sold and needed more. In their 90 day program, you must take off a week in between sipping their “Profit” blend which gives your body a chance to not plateau.

Side note: Teami has a-lot of pop-ups on their site. Don’t let it deter you from checking out their items; they’re a relatively new site and it seems that their founders are young and just getting started. Find their 30- Day Tea Detox Program and make sure to order a Teami Tumbler (I swear to God I do not work for them) because they are seriously adorable and convenient! I have the pink, yellow, white, and green. I personally love the white the most because it doesn’t show any signs of wear or tear!

The only things I will warn you with:

  2. If you’re looking to also replace coffee, buy the Energy Tea– it’s REALLY good and leaves you with energy way longer than the java does.
  3. If you’re purchasing the 90 day program, make sure to buy the Teami Infuser because their Skinny and Energy teas are loose leaf.

Just get into the habit of boiling water vs. starting your Keurig and you will absolutely love this program! I will show you my before and after pictures from the 90-day program and I hope that explains my obsession!

As always, e-mail me at or leave a comment below- I love to hear your feedback, Please let me know if you have any questions!



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4 thoughts on “Teami… Friend or Foe? ⭐️

    1. I REALLY love it. Again, not selling anything here either! Are you a tea drinker now? I was not before I started because I don’t enjoy the taste of most teas but their detox teas for some reason are the perfect balance of not too strong of that “tea” flavor but also not too sweet. The 90 day plan was definitely the most effective for me but some people write stories about how they shed 10 pounds in the 30 day plan! Can’t wait to hear about what you decide to do!

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